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DW:RP Development Update

Discussion in 'Server Change-Log' started by Makedonce_, Nov 30, 2020.

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    DW:RP Development Update
    Release Date: 2020-11-300
    Type of release: Scripts

    [Added] Lottery System. -There is a lottery draw every day at 20:00.
    -To play you must purchase a ticket at 24/7 which costs $ 10.
    -On one ticket you can play from one of 5 columns (it's up to -you) each column costs $ 100
    -The lottery starts with 150k players when they play tickets, the price increases until someone catches the lottery, which means that the price can reach up to a million or two.
    [Added] Job Electrician.
    -For this job when you work you get a mini memory game.
    [Added] Happy box
    -When you open the box you get random rewards such as Monthly VIP, Levelup, Money, Vehicle, Gold Chain etc.
    [Added] Clothes Recycle on maps.
    [Edit] Job fisherman.
    -Now you have a mini game for a fisherman job.
    [Added] New animation menu + 100 new animations
    [Added] Loan System.
    -Bank loan, 10% interest.
    -If you do not repay the loan within a month, you will not be able to buy the property until you repay the money
    -If you are late to repay the loan the interest rate will increase every day 0.2%
    [Added] Daily BONUS.
    [Added] Tutorial for beginners.
    [Added] Alchocol test for PD.
    [Added] People get drunk when they drink.
    -When you get too drunk you have a walking style of how drunk you are and you can’t interrupt that style of walking until you sober up.
    [Added] New cars to import from GTA V DLC
    [Added] New trailer Locations, trucker job.
    [Added] New weapons for PD and Sheriff.

    [Change] New AFK System.
    [Change] Updated Teleport hack.
    [Change] Updated Anticheat overall.
    [Change] Radio frequency fixed to select all.
    [Change] When you receive a new message, the chat starts automatically.
    [Change] Weed is now only sold through the mob.
    [Change] Updated Admin system.
    [Change] +$1000 Salary for Police and Hospital.
    [Change] Balanced vehicle prices.
    [Change] Earnings for every job in the city increased.
    [Change] Radio freq for government factions.
    [Change] Edited the phone for better loading.
    [Change] Business products cost now.
    [Change] Reduced speed on Police Cars
    [Change]Increased Safezone at a couple of locations.
    [Change]The prison inside is set for Safezone
    [Change]The hospital inside is set up for the Safezone
    [Change] Put the vehicle on the faction costs 100k now.
    [Change] Police, Hospital, Mechanics, News can't take Sodium, Leaf, Seeds.
    [Change] Fishing is $8 per lbs

    [Fix] Female skin in MD.
    [Fix] MD/PD calls.
    [Fix] All registered client crashes are fixed.
    (if you have crash, open the ticket and send us a file to see why you had a crash).
    [Fix] Sync to Animation when you lock the car and you are watched when someone enters the stream.
    [Fix] Drop FPS on HUD.
    [Fix] Faction menu, optimazation.
    [Fix] Sheriff /MDC
    [Fix] Hacking ATM from vehicle.
    [Fix] Mining working from vehicle.
    [Fix] Farm working from vehicle.


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