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DreamWorld RolePlay is a GTA V server that is based on voice and text RolePlay.

We want every member to have an amazing RolePlay experience but above all, we want everybody to respect each other.

IC: In Character
OOC: Out Of Character
CK: Character Kill
PK: Player Kill
KOS: Kill On Sight

Each account is the property and responsibility of the person who has created it.
Players are not permitted to share their accounts, play on the accounts for other players or have other players play on their accounts.
Any rule break found on your account is your responsibility.
Accounts are non-transferable for real-world currency.

  • Character names must be realistic and resemble names that a real person would have.
  • Character names cannot be names of famous people.
  • Players need to make their characters look realistic and serious without distortion and unrealistic looks.
  • Characters are allowed to Character Kill with an asset wipe of their account.
  • Characters' names such as “meb alls” “moe lester” “ice wallow” are not allowed.

  • Whilst playing on Dreamworld, if you encounter or experience a bug you are required to report it and not use it to your advantage, failure to do so will be considered bug abuse.
  • Modifications, trainers, or any other software added to your game that gives you an advantage over other players are prohibited. Modifications to your graphics that do not give you an advantage are acceptable.

  • Only DWRP Moderators+ are able to pause roleplay for rule breach investigation only.
  • Moderators+ have the ability to void a scenario at their discretion.
  • Opinions and concerns are always welcomed but a player is required to follow the ruling of any staff member on the server.

  • Real World Trading is defined as trading anything outside of the IC environment for anything of value in-game. This is not allowed under any circumstances.
  • Selling firearms without establishing a proper IC relationship.
  • Trading items without enough IC reasoning is considered a breach of the rules.
  • Giving cars away without strong IC reasons and selling a property for less money to an OOC friend are a few of the many examples of how this rule can be broken.
  • Using donator features to make IC money (selling credits for IC cash).
  • Setting up trades for OOC transfers to appear legitimate via IC means (i.e. a fake deal).
  • You may not transfer anything between any of your characters without an approved asset transfer request.
  • Trading items that have value in real life, or items on another roleplay community or platform in return for items of value on DWRP.
  • Giving assets or money away because you're name changing, CKing or leaving the server.
  • Transferring money from one of your characters to another without admin approval.

  • The use of voice chat and text chat must be only in English.
  • OOC chat is only to be used when talking to a staff member or quickly telling someone OOCly, for example: “Be right back, I’m going to take me a drink real quick.” “My game just crashed.”
  • Players must not use their microphone to sound louder than needed or unrealistic voices. Programs that modify your voice are allowed but they should not be used for making your voice to an unrealistic one.
  • In-game advertisements must contain realistic IC content. Advertisements that don’t have a purpose won’t be allowed. Advertisements can’t be used to advertise illegal activities or content.

OOC and IC usage:
Both are important concepts to learn when roleplaying — no matter the roleplay format. For a game to operate effectively, the line between IC and OOC must be understood and maintained.
For the purposes of this game, players need to distinguish between IC and OOC knowledge of situations. The following definitions will help in understanding this further:
Character – the persona a player uses to play the game.
Player – You, the person sitting behind the keyboard controlling a character’s actions.
IC – In-Character. Everything that your character (not you, the player) knows, will be gained from what they have heard in IC news, to what they hear from their daily conversations and investigations while you roleplay on the game.
OOC – Out of Character. This refers to what you, as the person controlling the character, knows. In many cases, will know things that your character does not. This will include what you know about the overall structure of plots being run, to what another player told you in an OOC conversation about a crime being planned. Just because you as a player knows something, doesn’t necessarily mean that character knows that. Of course, your character may know that if they’ve had some sort of IC encounter where they discover the information.
Or the sake of the stories we are all telling, it’s imperative that you keep these two types of information separate. If your character starts using OOC information ICly, not only will that ruin plots in the making, it may result in a scene (or scenes) being retconned.
IC Courtesy
From an IC perspective, your character can act however you choose to have them act. However, it’s important to remember that the way your character acts and presents themselves will have a direct bearing on how others react and respond to them. It is also possible, if your character is always a jerk ICly, that other players may begin to think that you are a jerk, OOCly. So, you need to be careful and be clear about distinguishing your character from yourself.
OOC Courtesy
OOC courtesy is as important, if not more so, as IC courtesy. The way you behave OOCly, generally determines how you, the player, are judged by your fellow players and how they react to you personally. Here are some guidelines to help maintain good OOC Courtesy:

  • Try to avoid too much OOC chatter while in IC areas.
  • Excessive OOC chatter can be very annoying for those trying to concentrate on roleplay. If the conversation does not concern the IC scene, converse through pages or on channels people can turn off.
  • Remember the first rule of gaming etiquette: Treat others as well as or better than you would like to be treated. If you find something annoying, others may, too.

Meta-Gaming is an action where a player makes use of Knowledge that the person is aware of but that the character is not aware of and can use OOC information for his advantage which is not allowed. The following are examples of MetaGaming WHICH IS NOT ALLOWED:
  • You are not allowed to use third party communication such as Steam, Discord, TeamSpeak or Skype.
  • Stream Sniping is a bannable offence. If you are playing on our server and are watching a stream and use the information you get from that stream it is considered as Meta-Gaming.

The new life rule states that once you have died, your character forgets everything leading to your death. The new life rule also states that all players should avoid RP with each other in the event a death of a relative or friend occurs and that after you have died, you must wait at least twenty minutes (20) before returning to the area of your death or interacting with the players who were involved in your death. A player may not attempt to get stolen things after they have died.

Revenge Killing is not allowed by any means, you must get a NEW valid reason within the DM rules.

PowerGaming is an action that is unrealistic, forcing an action on someone, or enacting certain pay-to-win tactics. You have to give all players a reasonable amount of time to respond to roleplay, and in return, all players are expected to respond to roleplay in a timely manner. Powergaming includes, but is not limited to:
  • You can’t lie in a /do. All statements in /do must be true.
  • If you have performed an action that has the potential to influence a RolePlay scenario, YOU ARE REQUIRED TO HAVE OOC evidence of performing that exact action that you state you did.
  • Using a /me command without using a proper /do to give a chance for a response.
  • You are able to use forceful commands if the individual that you are roleplaying with, is unresponsive for more than 30 seconds.
  • Performing unrealistic actions that are impossible in real life and against other players.
  • You may have a hidden recording device/s but if you got searched, you should answer a truthfully /do.

  • RDM is a term of killing or attempting to kill someone without a valid RP reason/no initiation reason, this will not be tolerated in the server. There must be initiation on every encounter you have with opposing gang, police, mafia, and cartel, it doesn't matter if it your rival there is no random KOS (KOS=KILL ON SIGHT). The following are examples of killing another player that are not valid reasons:
  • A player hit your car in a traffic accident.
  • A player slightly insulted you or disrespected you.
  • It is expected that all players of DWRP attempt to contribute to scenario-building. There should always be a great deal of consideration before another individual’s life is taken. In real life, no one will kill someone without a valid reason unless we are talking about terror organizations who are not allowed in any way in the server.
  • DM is the same as RDM it’s just the fact of some people call it DM and some people call it RDM, we don't want to confuse you all.
Examples of (but not limited to) valid reasons to kill a player:
  • If a police officer is clearly attempting to arrest you.
  • If a player reports you to the police for committing a serious crime.
  • If a player is not in compliance with your plausible demands, attempts to escape, or calls for backup.
  • If a player is attempting to seriously hurt you, your close ally or your property.
  • A player aims a gun at you or your ally.
  • A player shoots at you or your ally or your property.
  • A player pulled out a gun after a heated argument.
  • A kidnapping situation of your close ally allows you to shoot anyone around your ally that is held captive, as they are his kidnappers.
  • If 1 criminal group engages on another group, everyone present in the area from both groups will be automatically inserted into the situation, permitting the area to work as an active shootout.
  • If there is an active shootout situation and you are willingly inserting yourself by being in the location, it is solely your IC problem if you die, and no DM rules will apply there, anyone being at an ACTIVE shootout location will be looked at as a target.
  • You have only one attempt to run over people on foot at a scene where DM permits you to kill that group/player.
  • A player cannot kill their victim if the victim is in compliance with the demands and did not attempt to do anything out of the mentioned in the examples of point one.
  • A player must allow their victim enough time to comply with demands.
  • You must have evidence of your reasoning to kill the player IC.
  • VDM is a term of ramming someone in your vehicle with no initiation or RP, this is also not tolerated. There is one ram only rule, you can ram a person once if there is an initiation to disarm or kill the person, if you miss it is, over you would have to flee the area or pull over and shoot your way out of it, you cannot reverse over the person once you hit them as it would be hitting them more than once.

Fear RolePlay is a term of failing to value your own life or another individual’s life. Here are some examples below:
  • An individual must fear their life if a firearm is aimed at them. Once a player gets shot, they are permitted to flee. At this point, the individual would have reasonable suspicion that their life is coming to end, making it reasonable for them to make an attempt to flee as it’s the last moments of their life.
  • An individual may not commit RP suicide unless they are Character-Kill*.
  • An individual is expected to still be fearful if they are in a vehicle or not.
  • If a player decides to rob someone and has the individual that he wants to rob at gunpoint, the individual must fear for his life and comply with the robber’s demands if:
  • The attacked player doesn’t have a weapon on him IN HAND to protect himself is in front/back of him pointing a gun.
  • The attacked player does have a gun in hand but the robber stands BEHIND the attacked player while aiming a gun on him in VERY CLOSE range.
  • When the attacker lowers his gun to type RolePlay, your life still stays in direct danger.
  • The attacked player has a gun in hand but there are more than 2 people that are robbing the attacked player.
  • The attacked player is in any vehicle that is at a FULL STOP or VERY SLOW SPEED and a gun is aimed at the attacked player at VERY CLOSE range. Realistically you don’t have a chance to escape as someone has you at gunpoint, you most likely will get shot or hit. It doesn’t matter if the engine of the vehicle is turned on or off, the rule applies to both.
  • If you are close to a shootout and you are not taking any part in it, your life is in direct danger which means you have to escape the scene. Failing to do so is a failure to value your life.
  • You should not call any emergency services while your life is still in direct danger.

  • A valid role-play reason is required to kidnap another player.
  • You were hired as an assassin and the victim is your contract target.
  • If you attempt to commit robbery (general stores, banks), you are allowed to take other players hostage for the duration of the robbery as insurance in case the police arrive. (You need prior OOC consent.)
  • If planning to leave a character to starve, one must have a Character Kill application accepted on the character and OOC consent, otherwise, there must be role-play intended to free/feed the character.
  • Characters left to starve or otherwise abandoned should role-play escaping or if the character kill has been accepted they need to simulate being the effects of starving to death.

Gross RolePlay is any roleplay that includes the following:
  • Sexual acts
  • Pedophilia
  • Cannibalism
  • Incest
  • Beastiality
  • Torture
  • Disembodiment
  • Necrophilia
These acts won’t be tolerated and allowed in the server in any way unless the individual gave permission to do so OOCly.

NON RolePlay/FAIL RolePlay
Non RolePlay is the act of performing unrealistic actions or promoting poor quality of RolePlay.
Examples of actions that will be considered as NON RP:

  • Not correctly roleplaying injuries after a car accident.
  • Driving in a vehicle through an active shootout more than once, driving around in circles and not getting out of the vehicle is not prohibited, such kind of behavior won’t be tolerated.
  • Any kind of performing unrealistic stunt jumping is not allowed.
  • Going in the water to avoid any kind of danger is allowed, but the swim time must be realistic. A staff member will decide how realistic the swim time is.
  • Baiting any government services/provoking the services in order to get a reaction from them without a valid enough realistic reason, or just calling them to rob them, will not be tolerated.
  • Pushing heavy vehicles with your character will be considered as NON RP. It will result in a punishment.
  • Bug abuse will not be tolerated and allowed in the server in any way possible. Bug abuse can result in a ban.
  • Driving a non off-road car in off-road places will be considered as NON-RP. Such kind of behavior won’t be tolerated.


No crime zone is an area where a player may not commit any actions considered as crimes. For example: selling guns in NCZ will not be allowed, selling or planting weed in NCZ will not be allowed, threats to man’s life and discussing illegal things in NCZ will not be allowed.

  • Players can’t use a NCZ for protection if engaged in criminal activity beforehand.
  • Players can’t go to a NCZ within 10 minutes after engaging in criminal activity unless they are turning themselves into law enforcement.
  • No Crime Zones (NCZ): All government offices, law enforcement offices, hospitals, banks.

If a player somehow by any, disconnects during a RolePlay scenario, he must reconnect and try to get into contact with other parties at the scene to resume roleplay, if you are unable to reconnect you must provide solid proof and evidence as to why you disconnected, that would give you a valid reason not to return. Petty reasons won’t be tolerated.

  • Any kind of ignoring answering roleplay commands directed at them, aka Stalling RP is not allowed.
  • If a player was involved in a chase/pursuit they have to wait 10 minutes before they can log out of the game, to prevent unfair play.
  • In a situation where the player was kicked/crashed from the server, upon him reconnecting, ALL PARTIES must give him the advantage he had before his crash/kick.
  • Players may not disconnect from the server after getting shot/killed for a purpose that the player who has killed the individual will not be able to loot him.

Criminal Rules - is what expected from people who are roleplaying criminals in the city.

  • People are not allowed to commit crimes in the day-light unless there is a very specific and convincing reason. Crime is allowed only at night.
  • Players cannot force other players to withdraw money from an ATM, sell vehicles, sell property, or sell businesses.
  • Players are allowed to kidnap or to take other players hostage for these specific reasons:
• You have to have a roleplay reason to kill the victim in accordance with the points under the DM section.

• If you attempt to commit robbery of a property, you are allowed to hold the players within that property until you have finished the robbery.

  • Players can give consent to other players to be kidnapped if the roleplay makes sense, but they can not involve law enforcement in any way due to the consented roleplay.
Island Rules
  • New Life Rule (NLR) is extended to 2 hours on the island. If someone kills you on the island, you must not come back to the exact location where you were killed within 2 hours.
  • Shooting is allowed without any warning on the island which makes the island a deadly place. We expect you to not shoot without any proper reason.
  • Everything that happens on the island may not be transferred IC’ly to the city of Los Santos. If somebody kills your friend on the island, you don’t have the right to get revenge on him. Doing so will lead to a punishment.
Illegal/Crime Areas
  • Every player must accept the risk that he could get robbed in any illegal/crime area/location. An example for a such place is the seeds location/chop shop.
  • All the rules apply to these locations, /me and /do are still a must for performing RP.

Character Kill (CK) stands for wiping a player’s character in-game. All of his experience, vehicles, houses, IC knowledge and everything that belongs to the exact character will be wiped. That means that you have to make a new character who won’t know a thing in the city he will live in.
Character Kill can be issued and confirmed only by the owner of the character and an approval and a legitimation from a Head Moderator and higher.

Example for CK’ing:

  • You were in an illegal faction and you have decided to betray your family in whatever way. Let’s say that you went to a PD station and you gave information about your family that should not have been leaked. Members from your family somehow found that you gave information and they do understand that you have betrayed your family. That’s a good reason to CK and wipe your character.
  • A suicide would be considered as a CK or PK (depends on what you choose).

Player Kill (PK) stands for wiping your character’s IC knowledge and everything your character knew. You will be given with an opportunity to decide on a new name for your character. Everything that belongs to you will remain to belong to you.
Player Kill would be issued and confirmed by a Lead Admin and higher. The owner of the character doesn’t have the right to disagree on a PK.

The act of resorting to PvP or shootouts for the sole purpose of getting out of an RP scenario or changing the outcome of a scenario (PUNISHABLE). (i.e. A person opts into a shootout while greatly outnumbered instead of valuing where that roleplay scenario would have taken them OR a person gets gunned down by Police and receives proper medical attention, they are under full control by the Police if applicable)
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