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Greeg's Life story

Edward Greeg

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Edward Greeg was born on the 19th of June 1998 in Syria, in 2011 when the war started his dad got injured and couldn't walk anymore so he had to take care of his family he used to work after school in delivering food water and other stuff for families and army it was a dangerous job but he used to make money off it to feed his family. In 2016 they got the chance to move to Lebanon a small country beside Syria, they moved to the camps in Lebanon Sadly he couldn't go to school so he had to work all day to feed his family at that time Edward was strong young boy. After 1 year and 8 month they got the chance to go to Canada and live there they took the risk and didn't look back. 15th of Marsh 2018 the Greeg's family arrived to Canada. after 3 month Edward was working on him self training everyday studying and getting A++ on all his tests he was getting ready for his goal and that is to join the police department to protect his city and country so no war happens like Syria when he was 20 he was ready physically and menially he was a fast and smart guy he join the police and after 5 years he decided to move to the USA in Lost Santos and at the moment he is applying for PD to join and keep doing his job.