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Player Report Rule/Form

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  • You lost something important due to a player breaking the server rules.
  • You have witnessed player hacking or bug abusing.
  • You know that someone seriously violates the community policy.
  • You have been threatened with a DDOS attack.

If you have evidence of any of the above situations, this is the right place for you to report your incident and reach a solution among the players with the help of a staff member.

This section is to be used for reporting rule breaks of the server, this includes OOC rules and IC rules. If you feel that there is a need to do so, you can also file a formal complaint with the help of the staff team.

On the other hand, there is no need to report everything that comes up to your mind.
Example: if somebody insults you OOC'ly, you shall try to solve the issue between you with no reports. If the person doesn't stop insulting you even though you asked him to do so, you may report the person and it will be dealt with by the staff team.

If you decide to report somebody, you must follow the REPORT FORM. You shall also provide valid evidence of the rule break.
This adjusts to staff members as well, if you feel that a member of the staff team has violated any rules of the server, feel free to report them the same you report other players.

Report Rules
  • Be sure to reread the rules even if you still believe that the player violated a certain rule before reporting.
  • Failure to use the appropriate format will result in immediate closure of the report.
  • We do not accept applications from banned community members or those who do not have an in-game character. Players who have not DIRECTLY PARTICIPATED in a certain situation, are not allowed to respond unless they have the necessary concrete evidence (“I can confirm.” Or “It happened.” are not acceptable). If you comment on a report that you are not involved in, a forum moderator may warn you.
  • Evidence of a rule break is required, such as a screenshot or a video.
  • Evidence cannot be older than 48 hours. If a player intentionally withholds evidence and knowledge of a rule violation, they will be penalized.
  • Do not send PM messages regarding your report to people on DreamWorld discord. You also may not send the report to staff team members. Staff members will deal with the report as soon as they can. Certain situations can be solved/reported in-game, or in off-game forums, nowhere else.
  • Double posting is not allowed. Doing so will result in a punishment.
  • Once a Staff member has made a final decision, you cannot repost the same report.
  • The player that is reporting must be directly involved in the situation, except in serious cases such as cheating, exploitation, or DDOS attack threats.
  • Evidence is a must. A report without proper evidence, will not get solved. Confirmations from other players such as: "I saw it too", "facts", "yeah that's true" and so on are irrelevant.
  • All evidence of videos and screenshots may not be edited any way. Providing edited evidence may result in a BAN.
  • Videos and screenshots must be visible at a readable resolution and be of a reasonable size.
  • Audio should not be removed from the recording. If the video or contains sensitive information, you can request to send it directly to a staff member so you do not make it public.
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