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Sam Dogg`s story


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Sam Dogg. An elderly man, 47, was born in Sandy Shores in a house next to the LSSD [Sheriff Department]. As a young man at the age of 18, he adored basketball, and began coaching it. His parents were prominent farmers - who sadly passed away a few years ago. He also has a brother, Jamal Dogg, who was problematic as a child because of fights in and out of school, consumed alcohol in large quantities, was able to drink over 15 beers a day, and often came home drunk. Young Sam decided to take care of it, but he did not succeed, Jamal continued to get drunk and create problems in the city. Jamal secretly smoked weed, did not tell anyone, procured it from dealers and kept it in his bag behind the bed. Sam, a respectable guy, with a high school diploma and a police academy, should be an example to Jamal, but unfortunately, he was not for some UNKNOWN reason. Sam's dream was to become a POLICEMAN. He went to the LSSD, next to his house, and asked the chief superior sheriff VLADIMIR BELCA what he needed for the job, he replied that he needed medical permits, and that after that he could send a JOB APPLICATION. He did not know that this job application would change his life as a whole. BE ACCEPTED! His dream came true. He wears a uniform, as Deputy Sheriff Trainee learns a lot, and with his work gets a promotion to COMMANDER [RANK 8]. With colleagues - Simon Riley, Simon Walker, Jake Castello, Vladimir Belca, Vladimir Todorov, Frank Bertinelli, Karlitos Casper, Mario Markov and Gabriel Querra STOP ALL CRIME IN SANDY SHORES. The most famous arrest of Sam is the arrest of the then terrorist JOSIP ZAGOREC. It was tense, Simon Riley's undercover actions led to Sam and the rest of the LSSD team arresting ZAGORAC. Sam Dogg - a CAPTAIN in sheriffs, then let myself know that he SUCCESSFUL in life.
Now, a member of the LSPD, a SWAT unit under the command of CAPTAIN Lance Benelli.


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Like the story. One thing that I can't figure out, are you in PD or wut 😂