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Bahamas Motorcycle Club (BMC)


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Riders of Hell (RoH)

Formally known as Bahamas Motorcycle Club (BMC)

How we formed

Jama and Ali were part of the police department in Liberty City in the 2000’s they became great friends when they both got put on the bike unit with the police department. They spent many years working together riding around the city, but unknown to the PD both were doing deals with gangs and mafias within the city. Letting gangs move around the city to make and sell drugs and with the mafias turning a blind eye at the ports when deliveries were made. But after 4 years there was an internal investigation into them and they didn't know and one day was arrested and sent to jail for their crimes. After their release, they moved to Los Santos and decided to start growing and selling weed and doing petty crime to make enough money to get bikes and Bahama Mamas Club located in the Del Perro area. They decided they wanted western-style bikes like most other MCs they had seen from back in Liberty City. They had not seen any MCs in this city and wanted to make sure they show any potential MCs that they have these bikes and they mean something to them.


Whilst doing these crimes they have built relationships with Gangs and Mafias around the city, some good and some bad.


After a while, they decided to change their looks and call themselves the Bahama Motorcycle Club. We have ranks with the MC to show who has earned our respect and with each rank come more responsibilities within the MC. Jama and Ali are seen as the same ranks as they are equal but Jama has taken the responsibility to be the President and take us to great heights. If Jama or Ali says something you do it or you have hell to pay.


As we have just formed we have open ranks but we are not in a rush to fill these positions. But so far we have:

President: Jama Nzeogwu
Vice President: Alistair Charles
Sgt At Arms:
Road Captain:


Sgt At Arms
Oversees everything from deals, the behavior of the members, drug runs, drug-making, Armory, the HQ, and the club. They are in place to make sure that a member’s bike, clothing, drugs, weapons are properly taken care of when they are sent to god if they decide to leave. Oversees and schedules when the club goes to the church to pray.

Road Captain
Controls protect and deal with the members when they are out planting, farming, robbing, driving around, dealing, and clubbing. Oversees that everyone is in line, and works according to club rules when SGT at arms is out of the city.

Work as a type of scout for the club, have the duty of finding new prospects. And the enforcers are in charge of all the prospects. They enforce all the prospects, so they are respectful, and follow all the club’s regulations.

Have officially been accepted into the club by the vice president or president. They have the right to wear the club’s patches and can drive the daemon.

They will be doing the low-end crimes, atm robberies, weed planting. Any dirty money they acquire or weed they farm will be handed over to the Road Captain. They are not official members but will need to prove themselves to the club. They can drive any western bike, apart from daemon and Sanctus.

Hang Arounds
Everyone starts at this rank (OOC: This is to ensure high levels of RP and understanding). They have to hang around with a member at all times. They don’t get to wear any clothes, they will need to drive any western bike, apart from daemon or Sanctus.


Show loyalty and respect to all members of the MC.
Wear the correct clothing as stated in the attire section.
Have to have a western-style bike even as a hang-around.
Always ride a bike unless you are told not to.
The ability to follow orders.
Work at any business owned by the MC if required.
All deals go through the MC
Do not start problems with Gans, Mafias, and Police.
Do not openly talk about illegal things.


The following attire is appropriate for the MC,
Black leather waistcoat and denim jeans.

Work towards an HQ.
Build relationships with gangs, mafias, and police
Meth makers
Grow and sell weed
Drink a lot of whisky (this is the most important one)

Show high standards of RP and create unique situations
that are not in server scripts.
Only want people with good RP to be in the group, hence
the hang around and prospect ranks.
Become an official illegal group
Not a play to win MC
Must show and know server rules
No OOC toxicity will not be accepted
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President: Jama Nzeogwu

I grew up in a small African-American community in California. My dad was a bike mechanic, and my mother was a chemical worker at a power plant facility owned by the military in secret. It has since closed down due to leaked information. We later moved to Liberty City, where I decided to become an officer. I enrolled in the police academy. I got through it and became an officer. I didn’t know what my goal was in the police department until I saw some sexy bikes outside of a nightclub. I went straight to my commander and asked how to become a bike patrol unit. I fell in love with my bike and named her ‘Christina’. I drove her around all day long, I was happy. I also met a good friend in the unit, Alistair Charles. But it would all come to an end in 1996 when the black gangs were fighting like crazy. 796 murders in one year, the police said it was due to crack cocaine. There were also a lot of murders on LEO’s. I wanted to get protection, I told Ali about my idea and he agreed. We looked through files to find the mobs with the best protection. Little did we know we would get into the biggest drug trade yet. We got protection, but the way we paid wasn’t with money. They used us for distributing cocaine and weed. We quite liked it, we got some money, we got protection. Ali came forward to me and told me that he had thought about starting a gang, I then replied; no, a biker club. We decided Liberty City wasn’t for us, we decided for Los Santos.

Vice President: Alistair Charles

I was born in the UK, my parents separated when I was 3 and lived with my mum and my dad lived in California. My mum worked in the local supermarket and my dad was a bike mechanic. I always loved visiting my dad as he used to give me rides around the city. My mum worked so hard to keep food on the table and look after me. When I was 13 I decided I wanted to live with my dad in California. When I left education my dad gave me a job with him to help fix bikes. After 3 years I decided I wanted to be in law enforcement and went to the local Police Department and enquired about how to become an officer. I spent the next year and a half working towards it and graduated into the force. After 2 years working in the PD, I was asked by my captain if I wanted to become part of the bike unit. This is something I have always wanted to do. This is where I met Jama, we both had similar views on bikes and hit it off very fast and became great friends in and out of the department. One day Jama told me about an idea he had after some fatal shootings in the city that may have been caused by drugs. We would work with the Gangs and Mafias to help them get their stuff in and around the city. We had protection from them and it was great. but it didn't end well. We ended up in an internal investigation and got sent to prison.
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Jama and Ali had robbed a lot of atms at this point and have worked out and planned how to avoid the police. Making sure there were always 2 of them while doing them helped as one was robbing and the other was a spotter so if the spotted shouted a certain code word the other would stop robbing and jump into the car or their bikes and leave. Sometimes there would be a chase with the police but they haven't been able to catch us yet.


The other thing Jama and Ali got up to was weed growing and selling. They had their special spot for growing huge amounts of weed at a time. Then they would sell to Daniel from the Russian Mafia. After a while they found out from Daniel that he sells his weed using a plane, so Ali went on a mission to find out where it was being sold. Jama helped Ali save up for a pilot's license and they hunted the city and asked around where they could sell the weed and one day they got a tip off and found it. Ali found the spot and was over the moon and let Jama know. So they grew a load of weed and they both took flight with Ali as the pilot. Ali showed Jama where it was being sold. Before they left the airport Jama said can i fly and ali didn't really want him to but said ok go for it. As Jama took to the air he said he had seen a car as they left the selling location. Ali didn't and they carried on. After they landed back at the airport they went to get on their bikes and Jama shouted a gun. Ali already had his gun out and turned around to find a man pointing a gun at Jama and there was a stand off for a bit and they found out it was Andrey from the Russian mafia. They exchanged words for a bit then went their different ways. BMC is friends with The Russian Mafia. Jama and Ali were very pissed off at this.



One day Ali was on the hunt for a few things and stumbled actress a meth lab. he was like ow sh*t this is what we were looking for. Ali always has his gun out in places like this as he doesnt know who is around and it wasn't his location so needed to tread carefully. He didn't know how to make meth so he went and got Jama and they both looked at the stuff very quickly in case someone came in. They took photos and took some notes on what they had seen and left as quickly as possible. They went back to Bahama Mamas and tried to work out what everything was but unfortunately without the correct things and time to test it they were unable to work it out. They spoke about how they could get their own meth lab so they could work out how to make it. They need to save for this. Then the next problem would be where they sell it. Jama and Ali had spoken to Daniel about this and he said he may be able to sell it and could help get what we need to make it. But Jama already had a little plan, he needed to speak with some people from a gang and see if they wanted to buy it. But Ali wants to be able to sell it as there will be a lot more money in it for them so they can grow what they have already been working with the MC.


After doing all these things like drug deals and growing ect Jama and Ali spoke about a few things. Ali wanted to change the name of the MC to something with a bit more bite, something that shows they mean business. They threw a few names about like “The Lost MC, Angels of Death MC, Uptown Riders MC, Rider from Hell, Riders of Hell”.

After a while they decided on “Riders of Hell” Jama and Ali thought this would be a great name for an MC that wants to deal with drugs and guns.

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