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Petrenko's Life Path


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Life in Russia
Upon on time in small town called Sviyazhsk in Russia there was a business family called Petrenko. The CEO of that business was called Zhdan Petrenko he had only one son, his wife died in child birth in 1996. His only son he ever had Dimitri Petrenko. They were living a really nice life, luxurious life. They had to move to USA since they wanted more power and money, for Petrenko family it never was enough.
Life in USA
They moved to Las Vegas Zhdan found himself in love with another women. So he remarried with that women. Dimitri couldn't accept her, so he was searching excuses just not to go home, he started escaping from home. After sometime he left his home, bought himself an apartment far from his father in a city called St. Louis with , very dangerous city in the USA, with 64.54 murders per 100,000 residents. Shorty after he started using drugs, the most common one's he used were Ecstasy and MDMA. He started selling drugs and stuff so he could live from something. At that time he was collaborating with different gangs, he had a lot of opportunities to join some of the gangs. But he never found himself as a part of a gang. At that time things were spiced up between the gangs in St. Louis. The streets were calling it. everyone was expecting gang war. But since Petrenko was collaborating with almost every gang he tried to stop the war. He succeed, he managed to get a deal great for the both gangs the one gang was going to pay for 25kg cocaine the price of 50kg since the reason of the war was about debt of money.
Day of the deal
Petrenko had a friend who knew about the deal his name was Lesha. Lesha went to one of the gang's, saying Petrenko sent me to take the cocaine, than he went to the other gang saying Petrenko sent me to take over the money. Everyone trusted him without asking anything. He left the country as soon as possible. Everyone believed that the war is over. Until both member heard that the goods weren't delivered to the other gang. There was $100,000 bounty on his head. Everyone went after Petrenko he was hiding for months in a rathole. An anonymous donor saved life of Dimiti, he sent the goods from his own pocket. Not long after Dimitri found out that donor was his father. So he went back in Vegas was sorry about all the bullshit. His father divorced after Dimitri left, with intetion to show him how much he loves him but it was late he already left. Dimitri never had greater relationship with his father. Zhdan said to him if you want to learn how to become a real man just tell me i'll do my best, Dimitri agreed so Zhdan contacted an old friend of his called Igor Petrovich at that time the leader of the Russian Mafia. Zhdan entrusted Dimitri to Igor. From then on he was under Igor's wings. Everything seemed nice, until one day where Dimitri got the worst news in his life, Zhdan, his father was killed Dimitri felt guilty and sworn that he'll find the guy who did it. After these news Dimitri also sworn to Omertà, to the authorities of the Russian Mafia.

Omertà - an extreme form of loyalty and solidarity in the face of authority. One of its absolute tenets is that it is deeply demeaning and shameful to betray even one's deadliest enemy to the authorities
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