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Player Owned Taxi Company


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Hi all,

I am new to the server, but within the first few days of playing I have noticed that the Taxi company is essentially irrelevant currently due to the fact that you can rent a car for under $100 when you first start off.

I feel that something needs doing to the rent a car to ensure that it allows for the taxi company to have a use to it, as no one currently uses the app/calls it.

This leads me onto my next point of possibly removing/bumping up the prices of rent a car and implementing a player ran Taxi company (uber style company where you pay the owner a %/certain amount per pickup and keep the rest earned). I think that this would not only open up more job opportunities for players, but also enhance the RP for new players as they will get to meet people by using the Taxi's and not just rent a car.

This idea would ideally have it's own discord channel like other businesses, as well as an application process to become an uber driver. Possibly in the future being implemented into the laptop that can be purchase IG for driver ratings etc :).

Please let me know any thoughts that you have on this idea or how it could be made better, then hopefully if it is something people want, we can try to get it put into the server.

Many thanks,


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Interesting idea. I would support this. But I know devs are focused on bringing in Weazel News & Government Factions.
After those 2 factions are established I know there is a plan to go over existing ones and check in with each of them on what they need to be added or fixed to enhance their faction life quality. After all that I don't see a problem adding taxi faction, why not. I might be wrong since I don't know what devs have, I wouldn't be surprised that the taxi faction script is existing and all they need to do is turn it on. Anyway don't drop your hope, play as a taxi driver for now and I'll add this to the suggestions for devs to see. Good day!