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-(NEW) New custom clothes.
-(NEW) Automatic server check that detects hacks on your game.
-(NEW) Special anticheat for GodMode.
-(NEW) Sneaking ability (CTRL) has been disabled on safe zones.
-(NEW) Admin command to repel vehicles that have been destroyed so you don't have to wait for the server to restart.
-(NEW) Private parking for faction vehicles.
-(NEW) New logs have been added to prevent and quickly resolve rule breaks.
-(NEW) New business where you can buy energy drink “Redbull” that fills your energy for a certain period of time.
-(NEW) A dead body will be spawned after a person is sent to the hospital after the injury time ends.
- The police can do an autopsy on the body and find out who the killer is, everyone else can pick up the body and bury it in the woods, to dig a hole you need a shovel that you can buy in a tool shop.

-(NEW) A lot of new custom cars have been added. You’ll see them once the server launches.
-(NEW) Car update.
New xenon light for vehicles have been added in several colors.
-Window tint for cars.

-(NEW) Apartments. (You can change the interior)
-(NEW) Phone update.

-Now you have the option to put your favorite contact on the phone and quick dial the exact contact.
-There’s call history now.
-Now you get notifications when you get a message/call.
-Sound when you call someone, and a ringtone when someone calls you.

-(NEW) Custom uniforms for LSPD and SD.
-(NEW) Custom uniform for MD.
-(NEW) New SD station in Paleto Bay and vehicles.
-(NEW) The calls now give your location, so Mechanics, taxi drivers, LSPD and SD can work and know where anyone is.
-(NEW) Every 5 minutes you get a point that you can use for rewards, the rewards will be announced later.
-(NEW) Gun factories. A mafia has the opportunity to buy its own factory and start production of weapons through F6 menu.

-Every member can order a weapon and get it, but you need the required materials to get a certain weapon.
-You need to wait 3 hours after ordering a weapon.
-The factory can be destroyed by the police, if the police destroy the factory, all orders will be canceled.

-(NEW) Herbarium. You can use it for making vests and armors.
-(NEW) Item armor. You can make the armor through the factory, you need certain materials that will show up once you chose to order armor.
-(NEW) New crypto – Bitcoin has been added. Location is shown on the map to buy it.
-(NEW) New laptop has been added.
-Black market application has been added which you can use through your laptop. You will need Bitcoins to post anything on the black market application.

-(NEW) Garages at home.
When you buy a house that has a "garage" next to it, it is automatically yours and you can park the vehicle.
Press "E" while in the vehicle to open the garage menu. (Works as a public car park).

-(NEW) Added elections for the mayor of the city.
-(NEW) House Rent System.

-Place the rent price on the house.
-Resident pays every GAME DAY to the owner of the house.
-You can remove the resident so he doesn’t pay you anymore.
-Slots and Limit for Residents.
-To have more residents in the house you need to buy a bed.

-(NEW) Business update.

-You can change the name of your business.
-You can order products from the business menu.
-From an urgent order, you earn $ 300.
-A Freight forwarding company has the ability to deliver products to order for businesses.
-Only freight forwarders have access to the order, with the F8 key or via a laptop application "GoTrucker".
- You will have the opportunity as a business owner to work on your own business or pay a freight forwarder to do the job.
-F9 key added to quickly open the laptop.

-(NEW) A lot of new clothes for female characters.
-(NEW) New custom hairstyles and cuts.
-(NEW) New EMS division: FIRE DEPARTMENT (Firefighters).
-(NEW) New CarWash business.

-(NEW) New jewelry store robbery. When you start the robbery you have 50 seconds to pick up all the gold from the jeweler and get out of the main door, if you fail to rob within 50 seconds then the main door closes and you have to go out through the ventilation which gives you 30 random locations out of the jewelry store.
The main door of the jewelry store is unlocked a few minutes after the robbery.
The robbery is available after 100,000 $ worth of jewelry is sold by players around the city.

-(NEW) Casino has been added. (Diamond Casino).
-(NEW) Paintball arena. A literal DM area, you can shoot and kill everybody. We suggest emptying your inventory before going into the arena. You will be given several weapons to fight with.
-(NEW) A vehicle won’t work if it’s under 50% and won’t turn on if it’s under 70%.

-(NEW) Added a system that calculates reputation or in other words, dominance and power for mafias and gangs.

-20 points for every business that is under your racket - (20 points per hour. Example 5 businesses = 250 points per hour)
-Cocaine production – one point for every unit. -Meth production – one point for every unit.
-Weed sold – one point for every unit THAT IS SOLD.
-Weapons in factory – 50 points for every weapon that has been ordered by the members.

Gangs: -Turfs – 50 points per hour for the same gang that controls a turf.
-Cocaine sell on turfs – one point for every unit.
-Meth sell on turfs – one point for every unit.

Now, a leader can add a logo for his faction and write a short story describing his faction.

-(NEW) New animations have been added.
-(NEW) You’re limited with time while committing a bank robbery.
-(NEW) New fake plates on your private vehicle. (It’ll stay on the vehicle till a server restart or till you change it to the original one or if your car gets impounded)

-(NEW) New house robbery system. -When someone starts robbing your house and you are in game, you get an alarm that your house is being broken into.
-You get various items while robbing the house such as money, a lucky box, a red diamond, nitro gas, a tire, a repair kit.
-The owner of the house you're robbing doesn't lose anything.
-You cannot break into the same house again in a certain period of time.

-(NEW) Item crafts.
-New items for crafting such as Motor, Gearbox, Nitro Bottle, Chassis, etc ...
-To change the example of a new engine on a vehicle you need to make an Engine or buy from the player who made it.
-Getting a Red Diamond while fishing for a smaller percentage than a blue one, can also be obtained by mining and robbing a house. (The diamonds are for chipping your car and etc.)

-(NEW) Vehicle Upgrade System.

-You can check the items you attach to the vehicle via L >> vehicle service.
-Everything you install in a vehicle amplifies the vehicle to a certain degree.

-(NEW) New referral system.
The system works in a very simple way. You invite your friends and then get a reward for it.
Rewards are received from each player separately, when you invite a friend to the server you activate the process, the player must enter using your referral within 20 minutes. When the player reaches level 5 in-game, you will get the award.
Your referral code is your first and last name in game. Here is an example of mine: Jayson Wall.
To get the referral award, press F5 and you’ll see the menu.


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Every day you are given several tasks to complete. Once you complete all the tasks, you will get a money reward but you must complete all of them.
For instance: if you have 3 tasks to complete and you complete only one of them, you will not get the money.
Same with 2 completed tasks.


The tasks change every 24 hours. Each task has its own reward.




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-(NEW) Brand new custom MLO's.
-(NEW) New gun attachments.
-(NEW) New farming business.
-(NEW) Brand new F5 menu.

This might look short but, the actual update is big. You will enjoy this a lot.


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-(NEW) New login system (includes new UI) which makes the login process faster and more stable. (Soon will be applied to all menus)

-(NEW) C4 explosive.
Can be placed on a vehicle. Explodes once the driver turns on the engine of the vehicle. The detonation is active for 30 minutes which means if the driver doesn't turn on the vehicle within 30 minutes from the moment the C4 was placed, the C4 won't detonate at all.
Obviously, this is only to be used when it comes to real RP assassination. Otherwise, this would be considered as DM which is punishable and even bannable.

-(NEW) Faction Safes.
You make one via the F6 menu (ranks 9 and 10 are the only ones that can make/move it. Rank 2+ is able to take/put money in the safe).
Places such as offices, apartments, your own house may not be used to put the safe at.
Safe price: 500,000$

-(NEW) Weapon skin events. (SOON)

-(NEW) You are no longer able to see the character name of a player through discord. This is to avoid MG.
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